The Jam Den provides young bands, with members aged 12-17, with  the skills and connections required for a successful career in the music industry.

Everything from band meetings and rehearsals, to set planning and live performances, to public relations, promotions and merchandising, to getting recording and touring deals will be covered in the 40 week program.

The program will be held in a community hall in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide after school and on weekends throughout the school term.

The Jam Den is specifically developed to assist young people to explore their passions as a way to increase thier social engagement and build professional pathways. The program not only gives participants first hand experience of the music industry, but provides them with a safe space where they can enhance their networks, while building their confidence and skills. 


program highlights:

Weekly Rehearsals

  • Targeted band practice that focuses on areas of the bands songs that need more improvement. Participants are supported to discuss strengths and weaknesses with the goal of improving performance and each individual band members self confidence.

Band Meetings

  • Participants will sit down for regular band meetings that have agenda items and meeting minutes.
  • Each meeting will be chaired and minuted by an alternating participant.
  • Meeting agenda items include: Band name, logo design, song choice, marketing campaigns, set planning, flyer design, ticket distribution and future planning.
  • All decisions will be made democratically 

Photography Session

Participants will: 

  • Discuss image/theme of the band and dress for promotional photo shoot
  • Give input to photographer about any ideas and listen and discuss the photographer's feedback
  • Follow photographers instructions

'Create An Online Presence' Master Class

  • Learn how to create an online presence and promote material with one of Australia's most prolific and accoladed online music publicists.

'Music Production' Master Class

  • Overview of studio production and song writing, including mixing and mastering.
  • Live performance and sound mixes
  • Career tips and tricks for getting started at home, in the studio or on the road
  • How to maximize your sound with minimum equipment

'Artist and Tour Management' Master Class

  • The two hour workshop will focus on how to set up everything from a local show, to an international tour and how to promote them.

Live Performance

  • At the end of the program, participants will get to perform a fully promoted live show as the support act to an established Adelaide band. 
  • The show will be reviewed by an independant online music website.




Subscription Includes:

  • Access to band practice room for 2 hours per week (school term)
  • PA System, Mics, Drums, Guitars, Bass' and amps provided
  • Full support from qualified EMP Pathways Support Workers
  • Guidance from internationally renowned music industry professionals (master classes included)
  • Free band logo design
  • Free photography session
  • Guaranteed live performance at a reputable Adelaide venue Live performance review by online media outlet
  • Eligibility for the  'Young People Review' program

  • $5 off all E.M.P. Pathways run Master Classes

  • $5 of all E.M.P. Pathways run live performances

  • Monthly emails, featuring event announcements and updates, along with all the latest in E.M.P. Pathways news


More About The Program 

The music industry is just like any other business. To be successful, it takes the right members, dedication, compromise, communication, strategic planning, networking, promoting, lateral thinking, budgeting and of course, quality products or services. 

Over the course of completing The Jam Den, participants will be placed in a variety of scenarios encountered regularly by professional live bands and be supported to learn how to utilize and apply the above skills to achieve optimal outcomes.



We are here to help enhance our members life experience, not restrict it… we believe that if provided with a safe environment, along with active support and guidance, young people’s passions are key to a happy, healthy and successful life. 

Parents can have peace of mind knowing their young person is in a safe space where they can create social connections and enhance community networks and supports, while building their young people's musical abilities and skills, preparing them for a potential career in the music industry. 

This approach allows E.M.P. Pathways Life Balance Coaches to support in the  teaching of life skills to young people, using a non-invasive and targeted, strengths based approach that is engaging, educational and enjoyable for young people.

Jam Den Workers:

All E.M.P. Pathways Jam Den Workers are both experienced music industry workers and qualified Support Workers who will constantly be on hand to provide support, guidance and feedback to members and be available as an extra band member should the need arise.

Furter, E.M.P. Pathways has a large network of internationally acclaimed bands, Producers, Managers and Publicists, who will be visiting the venue to conduct in-depth Master Classes. 



With the help of the community, we plan to open a venue where young people can come in to socialise in a safe environment and participate in specialised programs that have been specifically developed to assist them to gain valuable life skills while having fun with each other and learning the ins and outs of the music and gaming industries. That means the Jam Den program will take place at the EMP Pathways venue. But that's not all...


Join Us In The Pit:

The Pit would be a fully equipped band jam room featuring all stage quality gear, including: PA System, mixing desk, guitars, basses, mics, drums, keyboards, synthesisers… everything a gigging band could ever need.

The pit would be  available for all EMP Pathway program members and is also available for hire out of hours


Den Leaders:

Those that have completed the Jam Den Program or established bands can become Den Leaders.

Act as a mentor and “go to person” for EMP Jam Den Members:

  • Fill in for missing band members during practices 
  • Assist E.M.P. Workers with gear maintenance and setup
  • Provide feedback and insights to Members’ as they progress through the various sections of the program
  • Assist in the production and promotion of the Members’ EP and live performanc




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