There's a long way from the bedroom to being on top of the e-sporting world!

No doubt you've got the skills, but do you have the know how? 

If you're just starting out in the world of competitive gaming, connect with an EMP Pathways Gaming Mentor and learn everything it takes to becoming a pro:

  • Find Your game
  • Hone Your skills
  • Develop Your brand
  • Build Your network
  • Enter the world of competitive gaming


Improve your Game:

Don't waste hours gaming for no reason, we'll show you how to  get the most out of your game time through:

  • Targeted practice
  • Strategic thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Communication 
  • Tactical Problem Solving

You'll Get:

  • Weekly one-on-one online sessions with an EMP Pathways Gaming Mentor
  • An increased understanding of the world of competitive gaming and what it takes to make it
  • Advice from professional gamers
  • Access to the EMP Pathways online community



The Process

Upon signing up to the Gaming Portal, you'll receive an information brochure that includes the online games that are available for selection. We'll then get you to fill out a short ‘Gamer Form’ that requests the following information:

o   Why do you play games?

o   What is your favourite gaming genre?

o   In one or two sentences, please describe what you hope to achieve out of the Gaming Portal?

You'll then be matched with an EMP Pathways Gaming Mentor, who will work with you to personalise your program and sessions will begin.