EMP Pathways On The Straight Up Podcast.

E.M.P. Pathways founder, Cameron recently sat down to talk gaming with the 'Straight Up Podcast'. Check it out. Thanks to GOM Central for having us. 

Straight Up is created with young people who have lived in care. It’s part of the GOM Central Project.

If you are leaving care soon, or have left recently, Post Care Support Services are here to help! They can support you with stuff like grant applications, FOI requests, referrals, life skills and mental health.

This episode we delve into gaming; the good and the bad ways it plays out if our lives.

If you’re showing signs on gaming disorder, here’s some places that can help:

EMP Pathways supports people to game healthily. They help gamers manage gaming disorder, bullying or other negative aspects of gaming. It’s pro-passion and pro-gaming.

Headspace is a free counselling service for young people. If you’re feeling the negative effects of gaming, they can help.

Post Care Support Services can help you get your money, relationships and mental health back on track. Visit their website, or call 1800 188 118.

If gambling is getting the better of you, you can visit gamblinghelpsa.org.au or call 1800 858 858.