Online Gaming Has Overtaken Sport For Young People In Australia

After previously being neck and neck, young people now spend more time gaming online then they do outside. 

According to a survey published by Roy Morgan, young people, aged 6-13 are spending 5.1 hours a week gaming, forty minutes more than they do playing sport. While this may seem alarming, five hours gaming a week is perfectly safe for young people, if they are being appropriately supported in their gaming. In fact, there have been studies to show that one hour of gaming per day can have cognitive and self-worth benefits for young people. 

While gaming disorder only occurs in around 3% of young people, cyber bullying and pre-exposure to adult content, including violence, sexualised behaviour and gambling is far more prevalent. In order to keep their young people safe from these risks, parents should have a solid understanding of the current trends of gaming (get your kids to help you learn this, it's a great opportunity to bond!), as well as how and why their young people are gaming and use that knowledge to support the child to safely navigate the risks while enjoying the benefits of online gaming.  

If you would like to learn more about the online gaming world and discover how to keep your young person not only safe while gaming, but thriving, check out the E.M.P. Pathways 'Cyber Awareness: Online Gaming' presentation.