Can Gaming Help You Get A Job?

It's pretty hard to fathom just how big the gaming industry is, it's larger than films and music combined, and it's reach spans all age groups and cultures. Almost all of us in the western world spend some time gaming. But how many of us think to mention it as a skill while writing a job application?

Well, according to a growing number of experts, the skills learned while gaming can be applied to real-life work situations. One company, Game Academy, is even gathering the data to prove it.

Different styles of game can have different benefits: From social, to cognitve thinking and strategic planning. Game Academy analyse gamers' habits from their online gaming profile, and offer courses in valuable skills that reflect their aptitudes - skills they can practise and refine in-game.

We at EMP Pathways strongly believe in this idea also, but we aren't alone. Even the military is hiring gamers.

"The ability to assimilate information, react swiftly and co-ordinate actions whilst remaining calm under pressure are often attributes of people that are good at gaming," a Royal Air Force spokesperson tells the BBC.

Those skills are part of what the RAF is looking for "in a variety of roles".

"Skills acquired through gaming can be very relevant to certain areas."

"There are plenty of soft skills that gamers can utilise in a professional setting, such as teamwork, problem solving and strategic planning," says Ryan Gardner, a regional director with Hays recruitment.

But does that really mean your top 100 ranking in Overwatch should go down on your CV?

"It's about how you either make it relevant to the job you are applying for, or how it makes you more interesting as a potential employee," Mr Gardner says.