Young People Review offers  young people and their guardians the opportunity for a completely unique bonding experience. Go see a concert of your choice, free of charge and together, create a review, E.M.P. Pathways will provide support each step of the way.

Of course, music is everyone's favourite thing. Maybe you'd like to make a video review of your favourite game, activity or hobby? We want to hear and see about all your favourite passions. We'll share the reviews on our website and on our Social Networks. 

Simply become an E.M.P. Pathways Member... it's completely free and we'll be in touch.

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“The engagement of parents or guardians as partners in this process is most impressive. I particularly like the ‘young people review’ as it encourages many social skills that young people often find hard to develop in the 21st century.'Enhancing the experiences and not restricting them’ with the level of engagement in an activity, not the activity itself being what creates positive change is quite profound in a world of many challenges for young people.”

Dr. Jayne Meyer Tucker

Founder, JMT INC
















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