HOw we measure our programs:

We develop an ongoing support plan for each of our program members that is reviewed monthly and updated weekly to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.

The the general mental health of all our program participants is measured on a weekly basis in order to monitor, evaluate and identify any potential risks, benefits or links to behavioral and social change. We use this information to provide guidance and ongoing support to both our program members and their guardians to ensure the young person experiences a healthy balance of real world social activities and learning in conjunction with productive and non productive (but always safe) screentime. 

This approach allows E.M.P. Pathways Life Balance Coaches to support in the development of healthy gaming habits  and  life skills in young people, using a non-invasive and targeted, strengths based approach that is engaging, educational and enjoyable.


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how do gaming and music programs Improve career outcomes?

E.M.P. Pathways' goal is to provide our young people with engaging programs that are ongoing, built around their interests and run by professional youth workers. With this approach, activities like online gaming and playing in a band can be effective for the development of several cognitive and social benefits for young people.

During the course of our programs, participants will gain first hand experience of not only the different career avenues of music and gaming, but also how to use them for improved mental health, positive social connections and increased career outcomes. Just like any other business, to be successful in the music or gaming industry, it takes the right members, dedication, compromise, communication, strategic planning, networking, promoting, lateral thinking, budgeting and of course, quality products and services .

E.M.P. Pathways music and gaming programs are developed to place our a members in a variety of scenarios encountered regularly by gaming and music industry professionals that help them to establish, refine and utilise all of these skills, all while being socially engaging and doing something they enjoy. 


“As an expressive therapist who uses music and the arts in the development of healing relationship, I consider its value to be of the utmost importance in building social connection, self- esteem and identity.” Marcelle Tsalikis, Senior Therapist, Key Assets

“EMP Pathways have the ability and knowledge to adequately and professionally fill a void in the youth sector.

You have demonstrated that you have a solid understanding of the unique issues that are impacting so heavily on our young people.

Your workshops not only precisely demonstrated the issues but offered answers steeped in theory, research, ethics and compassion.

Cameron’s passion and drive is evident and contagious.” Flora Fielder, Manager, Social Work Directorate

"The engagement of parents or guardians as partners in this process is most impressive.”            

Dr. Jayne Meyer Tucker, Founder, JMT INC

“Directly from those who have lived experience of the gaming universe, this is the most action packed and informative session I have ever experienced. Cameron and his team deliver true insight upon the benefits and pitfalls of gaming; from the inside out. Timely, topical and purposeful, I highly recommend this training.” L’hibou Hornung, Consumer Voice Coordinator, Relationships Australia South Australia

"Watching the seminar as a gamer that has been around since the founding of the internet oh god, I am old. It pointed out how online communities affect young people. For us old gamers it all slides off, but we have a duty to be a part of creating an online space where all can enjoy gaming." Presentation attendee



“I enjoyed listening to the Online Gaming webinar run by EMPPathways, as it was very detailed and informative. Being someone involved in the online gaming world and having many years of personal experience, I found that listening to others experiences of online gaming to be relatable, but also very different and some quite mentally and emotionally striking. To hear how it has changed or affected some people’s lives was mind-blowing! The statistics presented were not only very interesting but quite shocking, and to discover things I never knew about- that have been right in front of my face on my own screen, just blew me away. Thank you for providing such insight, I believe many could benefit from the knowledge and data you have shared, I’m left wanting to learn more.” Presentation attendee


Our Programs

The Jam Den Program:

*Please note, young people must be between the ages of 12-17 to be eligible for this program. 

Beginning with the development of their own ‘Musician Seeking Band’ Advert and ending with a promotional live performance,  EMP Pathways Jam Den participants will be fully supported by qualified Support Workers and mentored by industry leaders each step of the way as they learn all about the music industry and discover everything that goes into being in a successful band.

Jam Den Subscribers will feel safe in a welcoming space where they can create social connections and enhance community networks and supports, while building their  musical abilities and skills, preparing them for a potential career in the music industry. 

Musicians of all skill levels are welcome to join.

E.M.P. Pathways participants will be fully supported by qualified Support Workers with music industry experience as they progress through the 40 week program. They will be placed in scenarios that will support them to equip themselves with the skills to work as a team, think collectively, vote democratically, sit down for meetings, plan and implement strategies, manage their time, identify strengths and weaknesses in a productive manner and celebrate their achievements.

Subscribers to the program will visit the E.M.P. Pathways venue for a two hour session each week.


Subscription To The Program Includes:

Automatic Associate Membership with EMP Pathways (if applicable)

Access to band practice room for 2 hours per week (school term)

PA System, Mics, Drums, Guitars, Bass' and amps provided

Full support from qualified EMP Pathways Support Workers

Guidance from internationally renowned music industry professionals

Free band logo design

Free photography session

Guaranteed live performance at a reputable Adelaide venue Live performance review by online media outlet

Sign up for the Jam Den program here.

Young people review program:

Young People Review offers  young people and their guardians the opportunity to go see a concert, free of charge, for the purpose of creating a Youtube Video review or a written review for this website.  E.M.P. Pathways will provide support each step of the way.  

Of course, music is everyone's favourite thing. Maybe you'd like to make a video review of your favourite game, activity or hobby? We want to hear and see about all your favourite passions. We'll share the reviews on our website and on our Social Networks. 

To sign up, simply become an E.M.P. Pathways Associate Member... it's completely free and we'll be in touch.


Built upon years of research and personal experiences, as well as guidance from  world leading experts in healthy gaming and delivered by therapeutic support specialists, our ‘Cyber Awareness: Online Gaming” presentation provides carers and youth support services with the most up-to-date information and relationship building tools required to connect with young people through gaming, while keeping them largely free from its negative effects through awareness, support, empathy and empowerment.

The four-hour workshop promotes a healthy balance between real and digital world activities and educates how gaming can be used as stable foundation for relationship and skill building. Presentation attendees gain first-hand insights from gaming experts, mental health professionals and young people who are at risk of gaming disorder or have experienced the ill-effects of the big 3 risks of gaming.  Moreover, attendees gain a clearer understanding of how and why their young people game.

How and why young people love to game varies from individual to individual, likewise, the risks involved with gaming are increased or decreased dependant on how and why an individual games. This is why we explore not only the most common reasons why young people game, but also give practical and measurable ways to communicate with young people to determine why they game, how they game and what the associated risks and benefits with that style of gaming engagement are.

The workshop ends in a Q and A session, where some of the biggest questions relating to young people and gaming are answered. These include:

How much is too much?

What age is appropriate for a young person to start playing games?

Can violent, sexualised or discriminative content in games impact young  people?  

How to help and where to receive support